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Exciting Updates & Lesson Information

Finally, summer has arrived!

I hope everyone had a fun and safe Canada Day weekend!

I’d like to take a moment to thank every single person who has expressed their support this year!

I’m very excited to announce that I’ve joined the McCleery Golf Academy at McClerry Golf Club in Vancouver! I’m back to a healthy and stronger stage in my golf career, and looking forward to sharing more adventures with you for the remainder of the season

Please help me by sharing the word!

Take a moment to think about you or someone else you know who needs help with their golf game.

Do you know someone who is interested in trying golf for the first time?

Do you have an upcoming corporate golf tournament and dream of outshining your co-workers on the golf course?

Tell me what your golf goals are!

Let’s explore why is it important to seek instruction from a CPGA certified professional.

CPGA-trained professional in Canada with over 9 years of competitive playing experience at the Collegiate and Professional level.

I’m a tour-level playing-pro working to regain status on the touring circuit and compete on the LPGA Tour. I understand the demands to play better golf under pressure and I teach my students better on-course skills to shoot lower scores. Come play with me and let’s find a better way to play your best golf!

For more information on the Academy Schedule please email me at or see



McCleery Golf Academy @ 6:30pm-7:25pm

Description: Introduction to Golf. Understanding fundamental skills in all areas of golf performance themes (putting, chipping/short-game, Driving and long irons, fitness and injury prevention).


McCleery Golf Academy @ 7-8pm

Description: Building on key fundamentals, and exploring stronger techniques to better performance. (Themes: Chipping/ short-game, long irons and driving accuracy, putting techniques, pre-shot routine, visualization techniques)


McCleery Golf Academy @6pm-8:30pm

Playing lessons are helpful for beginner/intermediate players who have comfortably achieved one’s goals on the driving range and ready to test on the golf course. Players seeking skill-specific goals in putting, short-game, long game and on-course management.

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