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One Year Anniversary


Thank you for supporting Jen Woods Golf!

It still excites me that one year from today, I launched a golf website and personal blog.

The objective behind the online venture was to create a space to promote my pro-playing status and CPGA Instructional info. Aside from displaying my own personal aspirations, this website has since become the motivation for sharing and promoting golf in my community.

Many people do not know this, but I joined the PGA of Canada 4 years ago immediately after college golf and shortly after announcing my professional status at a Canadian Qualifying event. I’ve always been a student of the game so getting certified to teach and play golf at the highest level was too good of an opportunity to pass up.

Let me be honest and tell you that I did not utilize this space enough. I confess, I did not understand fully what I wanted to do with this site. This past year has involved a lot of personal change and transitioning, and as a result, I was not clear enough in my roles beyond being a tour player and golf coach.

I would like to take this opportunity to share and explicitly commit to the new goals behind the website! With this revamping I also invite people to respond and share what things they need to enjoy golf and may not be getting from your current golf community.

As many of you know, I am loving my new job at Campbell River Golf and Country Club on Vancouver Island. Although the facility will not be open for another month or so, be prepared to try our state of the art technology and meet the friendliest team of coaches ever! I’m very proud of this team and the services that will be offered.

More information and a list of Golf Academy services can be found at

On you will be happy to find various resources coming soon

  • A library of golf tips and instructional videos – coming soon

  • Private Coaching

  • Junior Mentoring

  • A lifestyle blog with food recipes, golf product reviews, and influencer projects in the works

**I’m not a professional chef but I get emails and messages all the time about the food I make at home, and when I’m travelling on the road. Another fun fact about me is that I only started learning how to cook 3 years ago!

  • Fitness motivation

  • Community Involvement and Partnerships

  • Guest features and interviews

I look forward to learning and growing with my new home in the Comox Valley Golfing Community… these segments will continue to be the stepping stones I will taking to get closer to my professional touring dreams. I believe I was born to play this game!

Lastly, If you enjoy my content please like and share!!

Talk soon,


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