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About Jen Woods

Allow me to introduce myself! My name is Jen Woods. I’m a professional golfer, PGA of Canada Instructor, and golf coach;

and a multi-sport athlete who fell in love with golf. I believe in life-long learning. My beliefs are simple but firm: everything happens for a reason; everything is connected, and never give up on something that brings you happiness.


My golf visions took form the moment I got out of my head and listened to my heart.

My career stepping stones, condensed into five years, has focused on various roles in the Canadian Golf Industry. Starting in Independent Sales at 18-years old, Collegiate golf, accepted into CPGA, golf brand building and trade show liaison, Assistant Professional, and Teaching Professional.


Prior to a career in golf, I pursued an education in Health and Social Development, specializing in Health Policy, Program Evaluation, and Health Promotion. Although I received huge support from my college golf coaches and local touring golf professionals to help me find direction in pursuing professional golf after graduation.

I have GREAT news! I’m proud to announce my new home and partnership with the team at Sunnydale Golf Club as an Assistant Professional and Teaching Professional!

2019 will be a strong year of introducing new programs for Juniors, High School athletes, and adults- all created to build interest in golf and healthy living as a whole. I have found a way to collectively combine my passions for golf and health and help others who may learn from my experiences.

What brings you here?


 If you are

  • A young athlete who is planning to attend post-graduate studies to compete in Collegiate sport;

  •  A dedicated golfer looking for a fresh perspective on excelling your golf performance

  • A female athlete looking for mentorship opportunities and learn life lessons from an athlete who overcame bullying, family separation, a near career-ending injury, and repeated workplace harassment- I want to help!


I welcome you to learn how you can feel energized and composed of your golf performance and build skills leading to better performance on-and-off the golf course.

New to golf competition? There are huge advantages to learning how to set goals and receive honest feedback when you are uncertain how to perform under pressure conditions. You won’t believe how much you can accomplish through commitment and consistent training with a dedicated professional coach.

Learn with me, as I am confident you will find the support and upbeat experience you search for in this coaching experience!

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