I highly recommend Jen as a golf instructor and coach. She's very detail oriented in her approach which really suited my style of learning. On top of this, she's kind, has a great deal of patience and personable. I've learned to appreciate the beauty and challenge of golf thanks to her.


Lynda Maloney 


 Jen, thank you for your knowledge and patience in coaching me today. I thoroughly learned so much, and the video you showed on the iPad is a great visual aid. I will remember all the tips and can now focus and put into practice so that it becomes second nature.

Steve Hall 

I tell everyone about your on course lessons, they are the bomb!


Tim Corkery

I would highly recommend anyone of any golfing ability to take lessons from Jen Woods, Golf Pro at Sunnydale  Golf and Country Club. I am a beginner golfer with a limited level of experience, so when my husband and I decided to start golfing again, I knew I wanted to take lessons first. Jen gave me two options for lessons which she felt would work best for me and my needs, and I chose to take three lessons from her (Basic stance/grip/swing, short game, and on course playing lesson). It was a lot to cover, but she was very concise and clear when covering each fundamental element. She was also very positive and encouraging throughout the lessons, and very approachable online with feedback and lesson recaps. She listened and answered all my questions I had regarding playing golf. By the last lesson, I felt I had been given all the tools I needed to start building my game and approach the course with more confidence than before. Thank you again, Jen! I sincerely appreciate all your help and look forward to signing up for a tuneup in the future. 

Carol Vetch

There is a new golf pro at Sunnydale. Her name is Jen Woods. Jen is a new Cdn. PGA Golf Professional with a fantastic swing and golf knowledge beyond her years.

I will explain. My name is Colin Hetman. I have been a member since 1992. My game was in need of help, a lot of help. Having had a single-digit handicap years ago to present time with a mid-twenties handicap was not settling well with me.

I decided to seek help and spoke with Jen Woods about taking lessons. I explained my dilemma and she said she was sure she could get me back on track. Being 76 years old and having seen another golf pro’s over the years, I was skeptical but decided to take the chance and booked 3 lessons. 

Jen changed my swing completely. I now have more focus in my swing and a better understanding when things do not go according to plan. My past experiences were not so positive. Then I received an email from Jen. I was not expecting this.

Jen sent me an email about our lesson. The points she made were very positive and addressed everything we did and discussed what I needed to do and what to expect. I’ve never had this feedback from any other golf pros and was impressed and pleased to receive such comments. This was the most positive golf lesson I have ever received from any golf pro. I will always have these comments to read and review

In just a few days I dropped a point in my handicap and won low net in my handicap category with the Men’s Club. I haven’t done that in years.

In conversation with other members, I have found out that their experience with Jen has also been very positive. Changes for my swing were for me. Jen has the ability to cater to the various needs of golfers from single-digit players to novice golfers and everyone in between.

If your game needs help, I strongly recommend Jen Woods. I’m sure you will be pleased with the results.

 Colin Hetman