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An Introduction


Thank you for visiting my page, Jen Woods Golf!

My name is Jen Woods, and I’m a 27-year old living in Surrey, BC.

The Fraser Valley has been my home for the last five years, and before that I was born and raised in Kelowna, BC. For those who know me, golf is one of my greatest passions. The game has given me the opportunity to live the lifestyle I currently live, and I plan to play for the rest of my life.

It has taken years to admit but I’m on a journey to embrace the challenges of golf, since it is the most difficult sport I have tried. This speaks volumes because I have tried almost every sport you can think of. I was fortunate to have participated in many organized sports throughout my childhood years, including soccer, basketball, field-hockey, cross-country running, and swimming. Being an athlete was an invaluable step to learning about who I was, and the choices I was to make later in life. I learned I was competitive with a stubborn attitude (which is not always easy to admit), but it kept me determined. I loved being part of a team and relishing in the accomplishment of a combined effort towards a common goal. In golf, teams are less evident on the golf course. Instead, golfers are responsible for solidifying their “life and performance teams” that keep them at they’re best. This has been a huge learning curve over the past years while pursuing the “pursuit of excellence.”

I’m still heavily motivated to win— For many of us the idea of success continues to change forms, the longer we chase the dream to become winners in our craft. We all chase the rabbit down the rabbit-hole, believing it’s within our reach;and this unknown adventure excites me on a daily basis.

I’ve tried a couple times to create a golf website in the past, and never followed through. There’s many reasons why I am now forced to start a website.

I started this page because I needed to create a space that is meaningful to me outside the golf course. Dividing professional life from the personal continues to be a challenge for me. Transparency is scary because we are expected to be in tip-top performance mode during every waking moment. Creating an online forum that was safe and community-oriented, and intended to lift people up is needed. And I’m best at sharing with people who want similar things.

Who am I? And what do I do?

I am a certified golf professional, and professional athlete.

I work with brand sales and customer service at a local Golf Company outside of Vancouver, BC.

I’m on the path to becoming a touring golf pro on the LPGA Tour.

I strive to be a leader in business within the Canadian Golf Industry.

Life is simply better when I work with people in all stages of their personal and professional journeys.

I thrive on bettering myself as an entrepreneur, athlete, and just focus on being a nice person everyday- and often I try too hard to make people laugh.

Through this website I hope to work with other motivated golf professionals, wild-hearted individuals, budding entrepreneurs, etc.

Help me meet my goals to help, guide, inform, support, promote and build individuals within an even stronger community! Please share!

Thank you,



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